Hotel Review – Sun Island Resort and Spa – Water Bungalow (Part 2)


Did I mention that this is a 5 star resort? I think it should rate as 4 star. The beach rooms does not look like a 5 star. It was quite simple, nothing grand but one always get what you paid for. I wasn’t asking for anything more but all I am saying is, It’s no 5 star standards. 




The bungalows are like some signature Maldivian resorts. There’s this wooden passage over a fancy turquoise clear waters. It’s been an awe-inspiring view with the light colored corals underneath. Not just the corals, we saw fishes everywhere.



This is what’s inside the bungalows. 31.62 sq.m. Double bed. The numbers are quite smaller than it looks. The room is spacious and the bed is comfy. No bed photo since I did not get a chance to go inside the room first.

Photo below is the porch where you can go sunbathing. The other side has another jacuzzi but the room in the middle of 2 bungalows were inaccessible. We didn’t ask if we’re supposed to have access since the open sea was more than enough to dive in for relaxation, not to mention I am not a fan of bath tubs and the likes.


The water bungalow is a different story from the Standard beach bungalows, would probably live to its 5 star rating (for me). Although the freebies also went missing. The free vanity kits was nowhere to be seen. The tub was fancy as well as the whole bathroom.



This room enables you to step into the waters from the stairs of your own bungalow porch. It’s quite lovely when the sun isn’t scorching hot but if it’s me, I would dive in nevertheless!


Speaking, that was me! I spent hours snorkeling here and I spent quality time with the white fishes in sparkling blue and silver stripes. The water goes deeper as you go near the middle. I can still imagine the feeling when those large fishes swam by. My eyes popped in joy and I can’t believe the short distance where I can see them. I often felt their body bumped slightly on my feet.


Thai Restaurant.

Too bad we didn’t make it to the shark feeding! We were too busy roaming at the other side of the island. Good thing, we were still able to catch some baby sharks when we arrived at night time. I’ve seen people on video petting sharks and even Nyssa (Arrow) touched stingrays in the Bahamas. I thought maybe someday, I will touch and pet a shark. Someday.


ridiculously awesome view eh?


Hotel Review – Sun Island Resorts and Spa, Maamigili Maldives (Part 1)

It was a 4hrs and 40-minute flight from Singapore to Male. Male has the most interesting view of an airport for its turquoise waters. Our first day was composed of 27 hours on the 26th of April. The weather was hot at 32 degrees. 

Male, fill up the immigration form and you’re good to go. After we exited the Immigration,

we immediately looked for the #16 booth where I was instructed to go by the staff of the hotel via e-mail. There were a lot of hotel booths. The luxurious ones were built of fancy stickers and boards on glass doors and marble walls. Ours is built out of wood with the Villa hotels logo. The Maldivian staff was friendly and informed us he is only waiting for 2 more people then were headed out to the nearby airport. Heat was scorching, I could not even feel the wall fans blowing. Since I didn’t do a research on the airport, we ended up too early for our next flight to Maamigili. We were starving and was not allowed to go back outside since we already checked in. I just thought there would be a small cafeteria inside the departure area. After an hour, we were ready to go, only to find out we are about to get stucked on the runway. The flyme 50-seater plane had a problem with the air conditioning not working, we were there for 30 minutes with our armpits sweating.

Male to Maamigili took about 20 minutes. I wish it was longer compared to SG-Male because the view is just stunning at 8000 feet. The atolls are visible with the bluish deepest part of the ocean, turquoise and green shades of water. It really felt like I was at the heaven’s side of the earth. 


Touched down at approximately 20 minutes. A tourist van was parked outside the small airport of Maamigili island. In about another 5 minutes we alighted and there was this receptionist that greeted us, I thought she was a Thai but when she heard us spoke in Bicol she said she kind of picked up something and gave her an idea to approach us in Tagalog. Thank God a Filipina and her name is Asuka, half-Filipino half-Japanese. We were guided to board a speed boat which is by the way a fun ride, took us another 5 minutes to the hotel’s island. 


I was still in awe. on this photo, my mind told me: I cannot believe I am seeing this. I thought I’d only see this in the movies. And there it was! 


Alright, so we passed by a pier that leads to the sunny shore of Sun Islands and there was the receiving area with a small tub at the center accommodating protected turtles. This bungalow is huge. Serves as a waiting area for the people coming in and out of the island. Also a nearby area to wait if the restaurant is still closed while waiting for your buffet meal.


Cafe with wiFi.

Coconut drinks were served together with a refreshing mint flavored towels perfect for my sweaty face. Asuka has basically explained everything we needed to know around the island. It’s a good thing we had someone there to speak Tagalog. As we checked in, I gave all the documents I have. Probably the most sluggish process I’ve ever encountered checking in.

The front desk personnel find it hard to comprehend. They speak English but when I say something, it seems like you’re in front of a 386 computer prompted with a loading sign. Also they would suggest a workaround that is easier for them than for the Guest (e.g. me). Like why do I have to do the changes out of the 3rd party website when I can directly pay them for the extra bed? They finally understood what my intentions are after about an hour. Took us about another half hour to know what the rate was.  There was this Chinese couple on the other side of the desk where the man was already screaming when I turned my back to look. It wasn’t the resort’s fault though.


We had another tedious meeting with the front desk staff when I had to upgrade our meals to Full board. It was already tiring so I had a little trauma to talk. We had to talk things over again, someone said he thought were only getting half-board only instead of full board. The additional full board will coast you $44 USD per person and that includes lunch and dinner buffet. Breakfast was already paid when I booked the rooms. Then I had to explain it again regarding extra the bed when we had to transfer to the water bungalow. It was painful.


The best situated restaurant.

The photos above are from their Alcove Restaurant, where you will enjoy snorkeling. I suggest you explore here more for there’s tons of fishes to see.

There are far more better places in Maldives but this hotel is situated in a fine location. I love that the waters surrounding this island is so clean, it almost looked like a man-made pool surrounded with fine sand and clearest waters. But of course, I bet all the sceneries are like this in Maldives. Talk about a Maldivian kind of view?


My father has an aching leg so they had to take the electric buggy from and to the restaurant when we eat. We had to call the reception for a pick up. Lead time is 10 minutes and waiting time depends when you are in the receiving area. It was efficient. 

My husband has finally learned to bike since we had biking rental for 3 days. I never thought it was a rental until I saw it from the bill. Cost $3.40 per day per bike. We rented 3. It is a huge island so it is also very useful getting around for more exploration. 


KAT_0907 copy

at the pier


stingray feeding during sundown.

Not the best buffet but they’re all good enough. Some would taste odd but you will definitely find something delicious in the menu. You will only get free drinks during breakfast which commonly has 4 variety of juice. Pineapple, apple, orange and guava. For lunch and dinner, you will have to buy all kinds of drinks from water to wine. 1.5ml of bottled water costs $4.75 USD and the smallest Coke was overpriced so I only tried it once for 6.76USD. 

hotel food copy


The experience with the place is a treasure. I will definitely go back but not in this same resort. Other than that, all is good.  


Kudos to their receptionist/Asuka for providing tips and information about the island. You should be promoted for a Manager position girl! 😀

KAT_1564 copy


My sunset photo.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of photos to share with you so watch out for the continuation. I am about to expand this series.

Japanese food

Before I end our Japan adventure. Let me leave you with a gastronomic post for I will put a collage of photos of everything we ate in Japan. Well, we basically fed ourselves with too much Ramen but hope you guys enjoy seeing this collection.

roponggi wall

Japanese food is one of the best food in the world, I am thankful for their Ramen, aside from the fact that Chinese people was the one who invented it, it was popularized by the Japanese.


We are grateful for the tonkatsu, their pasta is also a delicious-o, onigiri – tuna is my favorite brought to you by your friendly neighbor Family Mart. It’s where we often see it but I’m pretty sure there are other places you can buy it from.  


Hotoh Restaurant Kawaguchiko Station, located just the opposite of the train station. The Houtou noodles that looks like the soba noodles is perfect for the cold weather with its thick chubby sized noodles cooked in normal texture with the right amount of crisp and slime in a huge bowl of miso or pumpkin soup. Served with the right amount of cooking time rendered for the vegetables.

20141022_132121 copy

Miso soup always comes free especially in Yoshinoya. Yes, we did eat one breakfast to try if there’s any difference. I’ve always loved Yoshinoya beef even in Hong Kong so I can’t tell any difference because nothing tastes better than authentic Japanese beef!

Before we went to Japan, I was already a maccha fan. So can you imagine when I went full gaga mode every time I see edible flavored maccha.

yummy desserts

  uppermost left is a maccha pudding, center top is the famous Tokyo Banana, Pocky Maccha, Fujiyama cookis,      Haagen Dazs wafer ice crea, Three eye monster yummy sweets from Disney Sea and the Black Metal burger from McDonalds! (just kidding! they call if black burger but it was actually purple-ish, colored by octopus ink.

On drinks, we didn’t try sake but we had Japanese beers and coffee! 


An uber cute coca-cola can (yes, its a can), Sapporo beer, Pronto cappuccino, and a Japanese Nescafe caffelatte in a can from Narita Airport.

Don’t forget to taste some nutritious fruits as well. They might taste all the same but doctor’s recommend to eat fruits everyday! 🙂

DSC_6279 copy

I finally found where these photos are. Just a fair warning to everyone when you go to Narita International Airport. If you’re brave enough to try, who knows if you’d like it. It was just tasteless for us.

20141024_092226 copy

airport soba

Japan is also well known for making wax food display. These creations are such an eye candy not only for their colors but because of their shinny texture too. Makes you drool over something you haven’t tasted yet.

DSC_5573 copy

I admit and regret that we didn’t try all possibilities to eat the new and unfamiliar food but believe me, we never went hungry. Our tummy was always full even without eating rice on a single meal. The servings are huge enough for 2 meals.

Under the Maldivian Sun

This is going to be a quick 2 entries. I hope you are excited as much as I am! I skipped my last 2 Japan entries so I can answer the queries of some friends. To start off. Let me share with you that this paradise has been on my wish list for a very long time. How can it not be? If you have tried googling it before, how could someone resist this place?


I have never thought I’d reach Maldives beyond my dreams. When I saw the sale seats from Tigerair, I thought this could be it. And it was! I booked the flight 5 months advance. Tigerair is a budget airline where you can take advantage of their affordable rate for half the price of the other airlines. I think it was 50% off when I chanced this promo. Approximately 250SGD including taxes. 

ibrahim airport

Budget concerns? Good news! If you’re on a budget travel like I am planning when I go back, you should check on this link. Lakwatsero spent approximately 19k Php excluding airfare last 2013.  

At first I thought I’d be researching for a DIY budget getaway. Instead, I ended up looking for a one night stand with a water bungalow accommodation. This is already budgeted for having a one night only. Come on, the best views are in the water bungalow types so I have dreamed of getting one. 

One of the finest beaches I saw online among Bora-Bora in Tahiti, Boracay and Palawan in PH. Maldives is a surreal getaway. Dreamy and pricey. [Boink! No, I’m not going to spoil this story.]

Maldives is an island in the Indian ocean, the country is built of 26 atolls — ring-shaped coral reef, island, or series of islets [as per Wikipedia]. The atolls are referred to as North and South Atoll and the reason why this lovely country is most geographically dispersed. This photo will show you what I mean.


Aerial view taken using LG G3

The whole experience is still unbelievable but mostly unforgettable. We were so blessed to see this haven. The capital of Maldives is Male, we were astonished by the blinding turquoise ocean, imagine, this is just the airport, what more could the resorts looks like? I thought Siquijor’s port has the cleanest water I will ever see whereas such place caters large number of people going back and forth from day to day. As seen from an aerial spectacle, Male has the most number of buildings on its island compared to the others but It’s not as tall as the ones we see in other cities like in Manila or Singapore.


Speaking of aerial view, the finest white sand is visible at 8000 ft, I could not believe my eyes. I’d like to boost my pride on this statement that Filipinos have high standards when it comes to white sand beaches. Maldives or at least the Maamigili island has surpassed that expectation. The sand does not just look like fine, it was smoother when it touched my feet.


The amazing God’s creation has been in this country all along. From the stingray area where they swim before the darkness falls. I’d probably trade Ariel’s life to mine if she’d ask me. Having to swim in the water so clear with fishes everywhere is mystical. Watching the baby sharks swim underneath a pier is so relaxing during night time. I’d never imagine they are well-behaved creatures even the biggest one that looks like a 25-inches. 



Maldivian waters are home to a vast variety of corals and marinelife. The illuminating planktons was also seen here, Asuka mentioned its seasonal but she only witnessed them visiting the island twice.

Apparently, Maldives is rich in terrestrial animals too.


To complete my unbelievable list, second to the last is the so called waterspouts. At first we thought it was a small tornado. It was about 6 in the morning, we swung the door open, rain poured and there it was. It was the sound of a howling wind that made us check what it was. We were stunned, watching the air funneling until we saw it vanished to a far away direction. 

Nostalgic is the overrated word. I posted on my instagram: It is the sunset that makes me feel what an incredible world God built us with. It’s true how could nature be fascinating. I could not even fathom what the colors of the sunset are. Sunsets are just beyond words and Maamigili has showed me without pretension.




This couple was shooting their own prenuptial photos.

Next entry — Hotel Review for Sun Island Resort and Spa.

Loud Park 2014 – Tokyo Japan

This is the day that we’ve been waiting for. This is the ultimate reason why we have planned this trip to Japan. For us, visiting Tokyo and nearby areas is just a very big plus.  Witnessing our favorite bands perform in front of us outweighs everything Japan has to offer. I know it is a bit exaggerated but on that day… it feels that way.

We woke up at 7 AM. The concert gates opened at 11 AM. Per LP’s schedule, our favorite bands would start playing at 2PM starting with Belphegor. We had 7 extra hours to visit some of Tokyo’s tourist spots. The one we have chosen was Odaiba City where you could see the life-sized replica of one of the robots from the Gundam Anime series, and also for factory-outlet shopping-spree.

Unfortunately, due to long travel duration, we were not able to make it on time. I personally am disappointed. It could have been our very first time to witness authentic Black Metal music coming all the way from Europe. Belphegor is a Black Metal band from Austria from the First Wave of European Black Metal. I can honestly say that they play the real deal – fast, atmospheric and brutal. But we missed it ☹

From Tokyo, it would take 90 minutes to get to Saitama Super Arena via the JR Line. The nearest station to the arena is Saitamasintoshin Station. Then it would be just a 5 minute walk… make that 2 minutes if you’re super excited like us. 😛

lptix copy
The ticket comes with 1 free drink.

The entrance was quick and easy. LP does not allow DSLR cameras; only small cameras are allowed (smartphones, GoPro and other similar make).  Photos are taken from our smartphones and fragmented GoPro videos. 

LP1 copy

Lp2 copy

Walking towards the deepest pits of hell (I mean Saitama Arena), several stalls are scattered left and right; there are food/beverage, band merchandise, and future events/gigs/concerts.  The ticket is displayed in Nihongo, we have no clue on where to look for our seats and just entered one of the gates. From there, you can hear the crispiness, clarity and the shockwave of pure awesomeness blasting through your entire face. This is it. We are here. Got me-self teary-eyed for a second there. ☺


The view from our seats is boring but the sound is so damn heavenly. How I wish I could let you experience it too. The band, The Haunted, was playing. I’ve heard of the band but never thought they’d sound this great live. They only have 3 songs remaining on their set so we hurriedly went to the pit after we secured our things in my backpack and took down our first free drink. It was a moment with The Haunted but a great one. Their stage presence is heartfelt. A very excellent prelude on what is yet to be witnessed.

Riot V copy

Next to play was Riot V. Now there are 2 pits in the stadium. The Extreme pit and Rock pit. The Haunted was playing in the Extreme pit. We watched The Haunted from the Rock pit since their set was about to end. Riot V played in the Rock pit. We enjoyed Riot V, they played excellent Heavy Metal. I observed the crowd and found that most of them are oldies jamming through the entire set. By oldies I mean dads and granddads and I kid you not. By jamming I mean group of people creating a small circle of 5 or more, head banging, singing, and air-guitaring. It was a pretty sight that surely put smile on our faces.

While watching Riot V, I can’t help to notice the next band setting up in the Extreme pit. It was our very own Death Angel. Well, technically they’re from San Francisco, USA but they were all Filipino. Death Angel is a Thrash Metal band (it’s not a typo, it really is spelled as Thrash) from the Bay Area of San Francisco. A brief history lesson, they started in 1982 during their teen years. They started when the Big 4 (Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeth) were just starting to establish a name for themselves. They’re that good that Kirk Hammet himself co-produced one of their albums. Anyway, we left the Rock Pit on Riot V’s last song to get a good viewing position for Death Angel. For so how many years, this is again the time that I will experience a metal concert with my wife. I’ve seen Death Angel before. They were relentless (yo, checkout their album, “Relentless Retribution” LOL) and I always make it a habit to mosh when they play. But that time, I was the protective husband against the crazy yet lively horde of Japanese metaldudes and dudettes. Besides, we were right in the middle of the crowd where a pit will most likely to erupt.


Death Angel once again exceeded my expectations. They’ve performed just the right songs I want to introduce to my wife.

Left for Dead

Son of the Morning

Claws in So Deep

Seemingly Endless Time


The Dream Calls for Blood

Mistress of Pain

Kojo no Tsuki

The Ultra-Violence / Thrown to the Wolves

The wife is picky with her Thrash bands, prior to DA, she only likes Slayer and Metallica. There could be others but I forgot. 😛 The mosh pit was insane that I extremely enjoyed it, that it made me somehow sad, because I could not dive into the chaos. Going back to the set list, I know… I know, they did not perform Kill As One and it sucks to be honest.  It was their most known single and has been the band’s anthem long since. Overall, it was a kick-ass set. For me it’s enough to get my wife hooked to one of my favorite artists.


Aaaaaaaaand… we are tired. After 2 and a half-ish band sets, I can hear my legs screaming in pain. So we went out to grab our 2nd free drink and maybe rest for a good 10-15 minutes before heading back to see Kreator. I am a huge fan of Kreator but seeing the lovely wife tired, I don’t mind sacrificing a little time.  😛

The wife however, seeing my sad face insisted we continue the adventure. 😀 We were so glad we did! We had no idea why, but for some reason, Kreator and Within Temptation switched slots so when we came back, Within Temptation’s banner is on the stage, their instrumental intro is already playing but no one’s on the stage yet. In that moment ladies and gentlemen, I heard the loudest NO the wife has uttered. I could not believe she could run that fast too. LOL

WT copy

Remember when I said that this event is the ultimate reason why we went to Japan? Now this band tops the list on why we went to Japan. We first heard of Within Temptation during our college years back in 2004. This was also the time when I met my ex-girlfriend who is now my wife, so you can say that this is very special to us. Within Temptation is a Gothic Metal band from The Netherlands that was formed in 1996. A metal genre closest to my heart due to its innocence and brutality at the same time. Sharon Den Adel, the lead vocalist is a sight to behold. Blessed with a beautiful symphonic/operatic voice, she is like an angel, so surreal in her white and silver dress.

Paradise (What About Us?) – from Hydra

Faster – from The Unforgiving

In the Middle of the Night – from The Unforgiving

Fire and Ice – from The Unforgiving

And We Run – from Hydra

Dangerous – from Hydra

Angels – from the Silent Force

Our Solemn Hour – from The Hear of Everything

Stand My Ground – from The Unforgiving

Covered By Roses – from Hydra

Sinéad (Acoustic) – from The Unforgiving

Ice Queen – from Mother Earth

There is a lot of crowd in the pit, mostly ladies for obvious reasons. We managed to squeeze in into the middle area to get a nice view. Unlike the previous bands, there was no circle pit. With the amount of ladies in the crowd, one would think thrice of starting a circle pit in the risk of being castrated by the angry boyfriends and husbands. LOL.


The first half of the set was composed of songs from their latest albums, The Unforgiving (2011), and Hydra (2014). On the rest of the set, the atmosphere and emotion got a bit nostalgic and dramatic. On the intro of Angels, we were so ecstatic that it got me teary-eyed, my heart just melted. This is one of our favorite songs. My happiness cannot be contained; it’s time to let it go. I know the wife was feeling the same so I gave her a tight hug while trying to hide my already wet eyes. :’) We sang along to our heart’s content. Stand My Ground and Ice Queen were also our favorites and all of a sudden, invisible ninjas were once again cutting onions (hey we are in Japan anyway!!!). We were tired but at that moment we did not feel any. It appeared like adrenaline took over our bloodstream. We enjoyed it until the very end. It was over, they’re gone, the lights were out, the crowd is dissipating and it’s time to move on. Thank you so much Within Temptation. Dreams do come true.

~Jr signed

Kathero the Wife Loud Park is supposedly for 2 days, Saturday and Sunday October 19/20 but we were a little tight on the budget so that time I decided to let go of Alissa White-Gluz for a moment to see Within Temptation.  

No DSLR allowed so I apologize again for the crappy GoPro photos, you will love the videos though. Pure carnage in the moshpit baby!

I didn’t know my husband could be so emo writing up about a metal gig (insert giggle emoji here). I had him write this part of our trip because — aside from the fact the he knows more about the bands who played, he already witnessed their savagery in Manila last year. I especially loved The Haunted, Mortal Angel, and Within Temptation for the first time I witnessed them play live! For Kreator, I only know 2 of their songs (Warcurse and Endorama) but their melody is such pleasure to the ears. Live is definitely 1000x level up than my iPod. I will not forget WT, it was indeed a dream. Within Temptation for us, has and always will be a Gothic Metal band. I know that they have successfully transformed into a symphonic rock group nowadays but I believe the purist in us will never fade that easily. We (especially my wife) refuse to accept that fact. The time will come but we’d rather stay in the dark for now.


Hopefully this year, we have planned to watch the whole 2 day-show so I am hoping for more female-fronted metal bands. Okay not really, Amon Amarth and Opeth please come back for Loud Park 2015!!! 

Mount Fuji, Japan

The first trip to the 5th Station was 8:10am so be sure to book yourselves for the car to take you to Kawaguchi Station. The car only accommodates 8 person. It is free but the next schedule is at 4PM. Kawaguchi Station is also where the bus to Mount Fuji gets its passengers. It was 7 degress cold when we went out and it was still raining so we bought disposable raincoats. We ate light breakfast, tuna onigiri and bread before we left the hostel. Good thing we planned it out the night before since 8am trip will be too early for us.


I sooo love the trains!

Here’s a Bus Timetable for your reference:

Fujisan Station                  8:10     9:10     10:10     11:10     12:20     13:40     16:40

Kawaguchiko Station       8:20     9:20     10:20    11:20    12:30     13:50     16:50

5th Station                          9:15     10:15    11:15     12:15     13:25     14:45      17:45


We purchased the ticket at the ticketing office. 2100 yen, roundtrip. Seat reservation is not possible. The trip is about an hour. The bus’ window glass was all damp because of the cold temperature. And speaking of, it was getting lower as we ascended.


We reached 5th station about 930am. Guess what the temperature is? 3.5 degrees! It was fun but the rain wasn’t. Though in rainy days comes a miracle, in about 15 minutes we were foolishly roaming around sight seeing and taking pictures, the sun decided to show up. Twice! Thank God Mt Fuji decided to flaunt its amazing bod. Yes, we only see its body (I don’t know what its called) but not with its summit, the body was wrapped up with snow but the view was breath taking. People went all crazy when it showed up, and of course everyone including me wind up taking a photo.



My fave photo, taken by my Jr.


Ochudo Trail, starting point

5th Station is a halway point of the Yoshida Trail which is the base of the summit to Mount Fuji. This is popular for being accessible and for having shops, restaurants and a small clothing shop. Toilets is inside this huge shop, one wouldn’t miss it though for it was also a huge sign at the entrance.


The Komitake Shrine has an observation deck but since it was all cloudy we didn’t see anything aside from the colorful trees right in front of us. I just love the experience of seeing the autum colors and the smell of the trees after the rain is so refreshing. Although, we missed seeing the view of Fujiyoshida City and Lake Yamanaka, it will probably be there when you go on dryer season.





We checked out the Information Center where we took a map to see where we can go to. We took the Ochudo Trail. Took us almost around the same elevation but the trail is more fun for having seen the trails down the mountain base. The clouds were almost within reach.




When we got tired, Jr and I went to check out the restaurants. I ate a chinese noodles that looks like ramen but Jr went for a weird looking sausages and tofu-like in a bowl of soup. I didn’t bother tasting but he said it wasn’t bad as it looks. Don’t worry, I hate myself more right now just because I couldn’t find the photos I took.        

DSC_6598 Souvenir shop

This must be the highlight of our Japan trip. Tokyo alone was overwhelming. The country is such a beauty with nice people too.

Hotel Review – K’s House, Mount Fuji

Another few minutes have passed, the car to pickup us up arrived just outside the Information cabin. A lady was driving the van and we were welcome as we get into the oddly small vehicle. One family was with us in a ride to the hostel. It took about 10 minutes to reach the get there and everyone was busy doing their own business.


View outside our room window.

A pile of slippers greeted us in front of the hostel. We are to choose which one to use and shoes are supposed to be placed inside a designated cabinet located on its right. We picked ours and immediately went for a short welcome greeting from the receiving staff. I just love their area, it was filled with maps and different currencies donated all over the world who came to visit and stayed in the hostel. Maps are pinned with all kinds of colors as well. Man, this hostel has served an overwhelming number of guests, especially from the Philippines!


Our key was handed over after the short briefing of the parts of the house. We had Room 201 for the night. It was a first, the room is huge! We stayed in 4 hostel/hotel in Japan and this was the most spacious one. The hotels, especially in Tokyo are so small. The rooms are just basically bed and toilet. We booked this private room and surprisingly it was large enough to accommodate 4 or even 6 guests in it. It was a traditional Japanese room with a Japanese center table. The blue/white checkered bed mattresses were place at one corner of the room together with the bed sheets, pillows and towels. If I have known, I could’ve left my shampoo and conditioner at home. There’s always a bottle of shampoo and conditioner in every hostel we stayed in Japan. And they smell terrific too! The room is equipped with a fan, a heater and a TV.


The common toilet is located just outside our room. For Men and for Women. There’s also a washing machine where you can do your laundry. One thing I learn in Mt Fuji, they want you to put your used tissues in the toilet bowl, not in the trash bin, but in the toilet bowl and then you may flush! I saw these posts thrice, from this hostel and 2 from public toilets, only in Mt Fuji. 




The staff are very approachable. They are travelers too. You can see their profiles in the wall at the lobby, with a short description and what countries they’ve been to. You can ask anything especially where to eat and where to go. You can also refer to this snapshot of the bus timingif you want to go around Mt Fuji.


The kitchen is complete with a large refrigerator. 2 dining tables, the other one is a center table with couches encircling it. 


I apologize for my badly taken photos, I didn’t realize it was this bad until I saw it again.

Above all, we will definitely come back to this hostel if given a chance to visit Mt Fuji again. We will probably stay longer because the hostel is clean and affordable. Check for the prices.